Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Subscription of Reports through SharePoint

A subscription is a standing request to deliver a report at a specific time or in response to an event, and then to have that report presented in a way that you define. Subscriptions provide an alternative to running a report on demand. On-demand reporting requires that you actively select the report each time you want to view the report. In contrast, subscriptions can be used to schedule and then automate the delivery of a report.

Now I want to create subscription on the some report.
Click on the right side down arrow of that report and click on Manage subscription.
You will get new screen.

Email Subscription:
After that click on Add Email Subscription from above screen then new screen will appears which is self-explanatory.(To, CC, BCC, Priority, Comments etc...)

If you want to schedule the time click on Configure button you will see new screen which is also self-explanatory.(Frequency, Schedule and Start/End Dates)

After scheduling click ok to save all changes then close the subscription. Now your subscription is created. You will find the new screen after creating subscription.