Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Highlights on Denali (SQL Server 2011) Features


14 New Functions in SQL Server Denali CTP3 (Based on Category these are into 5)

Concat ('Vinod ', 'K ', ' Sharma ') as FullName
Format (@StartDate,'yyyy/mmm/dd') as Date
FORMAT (25.456, '0.00') as MyAmount

Choose (4,'Red','Blue','Greeen', 'Gray','White','Orange') as MyColor
IIF(1<0,'-ve','+ve') as Result

Select Case When Try_Convert(Float,'test') IS NULL
Then 'Cast Failed'
Else 'Cast Succeeded'
End as TryConvert

Select Try_Parse('1234' as money using'fr-FR') as Result
Select Try_Parse('01/01/2011' as datetime2) as Result
Select PARSE('Monday, 13 December 2010' as DateTime2) as Result

Date and Time
Select Eomonth('07/19/2011') as LastDayofMonth
Select Eomonth('07/19/2011',3) as LastDayof Month

Select TIMEFROMPARTS(23,59,59,0,0) as Result

Select SMALLDATETIMEFROMPARTS(2011,7,4,00,00) AS Result

Select DATEFROMPARTS(2011,12,31) as Date
Select DATETIMEFROMPARTS(2011,12,31,23,59,59,0) as DateTime
Select DATETIME2FROMPARTS(2011,12,31,23,59,59,0) as DateTime
Select DATETIMEOFFSETFROMPARTS(2011,12,31,23,59,59,0,5,7,9) as DateTime

Math Function
Select LOG(10,2) as LogBase2



1. Now we can use UNDO if we delete the control object.
2. Magical Zoom-In/Out Scale added
3. New Look and Feel of the Tool Box (Divided on Category base)
4. New Tab added for Parameters
5. New Tab window added (Getting Started) for online learning.
6. Name is coming with * (star) means it is modified but not saved.
7. Scope of variable is package level (By default now) and we can change it any time.
8. Few new Tasks added e.g. Expression Task
9. Addition of DataViewer is simple and we can disable as well.
10.Development in VS2010
11.Even deleting flow lines (in disconnected mode) we can open the transformations.
12.After changing in the source (Table Field or Table name changed) we can mapping the fields by clicking on the first flow line instead of opening each and every control/Transformation.
13. New group feature added (if we want to keep all some of the transformations in one group now we can do). It is somehow similar to container but now possible in DataFlow Tab.
14. Shared DataSource Connection: If we create Shared datasource connect it automatically comes in every package.