Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Limit the No of Records Per Page in SSRS

e.g. (Columns)
DepartmentName, EmployeeId, Employee Name, Designation, Reporting Manager

We want to show 4 DepartmentName per Page so here is the solution:
Need to use DepartmentName in group (Add a group as parent group, Group by DepartmentName) .
Once it is done then go again in the group properties and change the expression like Change Group on value with following mentioned expression and use group by: (Change in Exp with)

=Ceiling((RowNumber(Nothing)) / 4)
=Floor((RowNumber(Nothing) - 1) / 4)

NOTE: Now you have to add DepartmentName as normal column to show values in the report so set the width of group column to 0 and change the text color, background color (if set) to none (white) and font size to 1, remove borders so that this column should not apper in the report (Please do not hide it otherwiswe values will not appear in the report).