Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SSRS Standards

SSRS Standards
Layout and General Display
The title of the report will be the only item in the header. If the report contains sub-reports, the header should dynamically change to display the correct title of the sub-report that is displayed.
They display useful and informative information.

Hyperlinks should be underlined and blue for better user visibility and easier navigation.
Naming Conventions
Usage of “Report”
The word “Report” is redundant as part of the title of a report. It should not be included. For example, a report for Mileage and Drive Time may be called “Excessive Mileage Trending,” not “Excessive Mileage Trending Report.”
Filenames will consist of a binomial nomenclature, the report number and the report name, both as listed in the Master Report Tracking Sheet. They will be separated by a dash (-). There will be no spaces in the file name. For example, the report that fulfills requirement 77 is report number 10.5, and its name is “RSR Call Summary Report.” Therefore, its filename would be “10.5-RSRCallSummaryReport.rdl”. All drill down reports will be start with (_) underscore and rest things will be remain same.
Report Titles
Reports should be titled according to their names in the Master Report Tracking Sheet. However, they can be changed to accommodate the requests of the appropriate business users.
Column/Row Headers
Use Normal, Trebuchet MS, 8pt, Bold, and White.
Header Cell Names
These should be defined in accordance with the header name in the report mockup that is signed off by the business.
All datasets with start with ‘ds’ and name should be title case for example: Fiscalyear so it should be dsFiscalYear

Add a Page Header to the report
Open a report. Choose the Layout view. Go to Report menu > Page Header/Page Footer > Click on it. Drag a TextBox from the tools menu to the Header/Footer and set the properties on it

Hide a Page Header on the First and Last Page of the report
Open a report. Choose the Layout view. Click the page header. In the Properties window, set the PrintonFirstPage and PrintonLastPage property to False.

Add a Page Break
Open a report. Choose the Layout view. Right click an item and choose properties. On the General tab, Page breaks, select Insert a page break before the list/after the list.

Design Your Reports for Performance and Scalability:
Can my report handle a large amount of data?
How will the server be affected when many users view a report during peak hours?
How do I troubleshoot a performance problem?
Query Design
Optimize report queries.
Retrieve the minimum amount of data needed in your report.
Rendering Formats
Choose Appropriate Rendering Formats