Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's New in SQL 2008

Power shell feature in Management Studio.
IntelliSence feature in Management Studio.
New data types in SSIS.
Many new enhancements in SSIS transformations.
Now C# and VB.net are the editors for SSIS scripts.
Tablix, Graphs, Maps and Gauges features.
New Data source for Reports like Azure, SQL DB and SharePoint.
Performance Improvement in all areas.
More reliable and secure database.
IIS concept replaced with https protocol services.
SQL R2 introduced recently.
Report Builder 3.0 launched.
Power Pivot feature added in SSRS (with Excel and SharePoint).
DAX – Data analysis Expressions.
New MDX functions introduced.
Report Server and Report Manager Look and feel is also changed.
Many more features as well…