Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Testing steps for SSRS:

Testing steps for SSRS:

Format Testing
- Font Name, Font Size, Color consistency,
- Bordering (groups), Border Style, Thickness (borders, outer/inner lines)
- Cell padding
- Column width, Row Height
- Header & Footers
- Report Title
- Report Alignment
-Data alignment
-Cell Notes/Comments/Tool tips
-Aggregation/Summary values bold or not

Dry Run / Smoke Testing
- Report flow
- Drilldown / Toggles
- Drill through (All links)
- Multiple selections - (multiple users opening the same report by selecting same parameters etc...)

Functional Testing / Data Validation
- Functionality
- All format condition (bold or color for few conditions etc...)
- Data validation (validation with queries)
-Drill through/ Drill down /All links

Performance Testing
- Report execution time
- Report rendering time
- Data population time for parameters
- SQL Profiler
- System monitoring
- Execution plan in SQL server
- Load Testing- (Peak time and off time load)